Date: Thursday 9th March 2017

Time:12.00pm - 2:30pm

Venue: Metrapanel

15 Tregoweth Lane


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Metrapanel is opening their doors...
Trusted by kiwi's for over 25 years, Metrapanel has been the preferred modular panel housing system for over 9,000 projects across the residential, commercial, education and retirement sectors.

The Metrapanel System has been utilised for eight retirement projects New Zealand-wide, including four hospitals. From individual units, duplexes and multi-storey complexes, to communal facilities and hospitals, residents reap the benefits of a naturally-insulated product with superior insulation from heat, cold and noise. As well, durability is key, resulting in significantly reduced ongoing maintenance costs for the property owner.

Controlled costs means no surprises and saving time means saving money, more houses can be built using the same labour resources. Come to the RVA Forum, hosted at the Metrapanel factory, to get an understanding of exactly how the Metrapanel System works, and how it could be advantageous for your next project.

12.15pm  Lunch
1.10pm    RVA update, Ed Thomas, Association Manager
1.20pm    Guest Speaker
2.00pm    Factory tour - Where you can view the re-manufacturing process for Metrapanel's panel housing system. Even if you are not planning to build at this stage, the presentation and factory tour are well worth the effort getting to Huntly!

This event is FOC. Please pay $10 cash to Metrapanel for lunch    

This forum is open to all RVA, ACA, Prefab NZ, Lifemark and NZGBC members in the Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions, and is proudly sponsored by...