Welcome to Metrapanel’s Newspanel, the home of innovation in panel construction for residential and commercial building. The concept of Metrapanel is brilliantly simple; solid wall, floor and ceilings panels pre-cut to simplify and speed up construction. A founding member of PrefabNZ, 18+ years proven, NZ made, BRANZ appraised, currently one Metrapanel house is completed by an installer every day.

With Certified Installers located Nationwide and a 50 year guarantee on the panel, Metrapanel is becoming a recognised system for national projects whether residential, commercial, transportable, or sector based. Within five years, we expect to triple our output, manufacturing material for up to 1,000 houses. We’re small enough to be able to answer any queries straight away, yet we’re big enough to make a difference in the market!

In the media

  • Prime Minister visits Metrapanel. We get his view direct on what's happening in the industry. On Wed 14th August, our local MP Lindsay Tisch hosted Prime Minister John Key in Huntly. Towards the end of the day they visited Metrapanel installer PLB's factory and stayed on for refreshments. Other local businesses shared in this opportunity to meet Mr Key and positively promote business opportunities within Huntly. It was a huge success thanks to the effort the team at PLB put into it, we had great feedback from Mr Key after having some one-to-one time with Philip Leather during a tour through PLB's houses completed to various stages and looking at the system. Click here to view a snippet of what Mr Key had to say about the system, and the article written in the local newspaper.
  • Metrapanel and installer PLB host PrefabNZ meeting. With 70+ industry representatives attending, 'PrefabNZ looks at NZ's panel technology in action'. See Press Release
  • Metrapanel feature in Waikato Times, 'Panel company speeds up building process'
  • TV3 showcases Metrapanel. ICS in 'Kiwi firm's clever idea to prevent falls'
  • ICS finalist for the 'Site Safe Construction Health and Safety Awards'. "In response to the on-going danger of falling from height in the residential construction sector Innovative Ceiling Systems Ltd developed a total fall prevention system that combined the use of fixed ceiling panels to provide a secure working platform along with perimeter edge protection to manage the risk of falls both internally and externally of the building perimeter. This system has been warmly received due to the improved safety and efficiency of workers utilising the system." Angela Lewes, Project Manager, Site Safe New Zealand Inc
  • Metrapanel feature in Christchurch Press. Fusion Homes in 'New Spreydon units planned for elderly'
  • Housing New Zealand Metrapanel Homes. Windermere Construction BOP currently has under construction the first Housing New Zealand Metrapanel Homes for on the HNZ Lease Back Scheme, which comprise of four duplexes over the next two months.

In the office

  • PrefabNZ. Metrapanel has been a member of PrefabNZ since its inception in 2010. PrefabNZ was established to meet the clear need for a prefabrication industry hub to connect, catalyse, inform, inspire and promote prefabricated building solutions. PrefabNZ is passionate about how prefabrication can offer innovative high-quality buildings on time and within budget. They believe there is a clear need for a radical paradigm shift to improve building quality in a sustainable way by decreasing defects, while also decreasing costs and timeframes. An increased uptake of prefabrication is for the good of New Zealand’s wider design and construction industry. PrefabNZ is a self-sustaining non-profit incorporated society representing the interests of a wide range of materials and stakeholders in the design and construction sector: from clients through to designers, specifiers, manufacturers, contractors and government. Read more
  • Resene Coating Technologies. For over a decade now, Metrapanel has been working with Resene Coating Technologies. Read more. "I have been impressed with the innovative approach Metrapanel has adopted and believe that the system you are promoting has the potential to dramatically change the way we build in New Zealand, and I believe the Pacific. At some point I welcome the opportunity to look at your operations and better understand the potential of the sytem, in particular how it could work in tandem with the plaster based systems we offer through Resene Construction Systems, the holding company for Rockcote New Zealand and Plaster Systems Ltd (PSL)." Nick Nightingale, Managing Director
  • The Laminex Group. Being backed for over 18 years by such a large organisation, this helps to reinforce the credibility of Metrapanel. “Metrapanel Ltd and The Laminex Group have enjoyed a close working relationships for the past 18 years. Utilising a large format Superfine particle board panel at our plant in Taupo, Metrapanel Ltd have worked closely with out team to engineer products specifically for Metrpanel Construction system requirements. Melissa and Andrew Savage have been involved in the business, directly or indirectly, for most of these 18 years. Since purchasing the business in 2010 they are both actively involved with the construction process and management of the network of Metrapanel license builders.The Laminex Group continues to work alongside Metrapanel Ltd in developing product innovations that will ensure Metrapanel Ltd is able to offer new and improved solutions to the market over coming years. As a valued customer of The Laminex Group, we wish them every success. Melle de Pater, General Manager
  • Safewise. Metrapanel has been working with Tracey Murphy from Safewise for over two years now. She has been instrumental in implementing our Health & Safety training workshops in the North and South Islands, enabling all installers attending to become Metrapanel Certified. Safewise has been helping small-medium sized businesses with their workplace safety systems for over 5 years. They've successfully reduced the number of accidents in the workplace and gained ACC discounts for the majority of their clients.

In the community

  • Habitat for Humanity, Big Band Build. Metrapanel sponsors product to Habitat for Humanity for the Big Band Build event to help raise awareness of their organisation. Click here to view the details
  • Huntly College, Trades Academy. Metrapanel is proud to support the Huntly College Trades Academy. The Trades Academy is designed to help support students to learn a trade and help them achieve Level 1 NCEA. All students have been busy working on gaining essential skills including, Site Safe certificates and First Aid, all counting towards achieving their Level 1. This program includes visits to local businesses and organisations. All students are well on track and progressing well. Next project planned includes: building a Metrapanel house. Graeme Gunn (Metrapanel Trainer) is the main Project Manager, currently in design stage. This project is looking to be the first of many – what an achievement to say you helped build a house at age 14 to 15 years of age.
  • Bellyful. National organisation ‘Bellyful’ has just in the last six months been set up in our community. Stacey (our Office Administrator) and Anneke, Brad's partner (our CNC Operator) are on the committee helping to drive this very thoughtful organisation. Bellyful volunteers deliver meals to families with new babies and families struggling with illness, particularly those lacking a good support network. Having a few meals delivered by a friendly face can be a real sanity-saver. They are not a food-bank, the service is appreciated by working parents as much as those at home. Thanks to their wonderful sponsors, supporters and volunteers the service is free. Metrapanel is proud to get behind our staff for this cause as well as provide support via time and donations for the local cake stalls, sausage sizzles, dessert evenings, raffles etc. To find out more, click here.

In the team

Click here to view Metrapanel Certified Installer Profiles and Show Home locations.

  • Please welcome to the Metrapanel Team, two new Installers - Paul Richards from Contemporary Homes and Adrian Cole from Platinum Builders. Paul is based in Nelson and covering the Nelson/Tasman area, he has 15 years’ experience in the construction industry, winning Master Build awards both at regional and national level. Adrian is located in Palmerston North covering the area as far down as Wellington, he's currently completing a subdivision in Wainuiomata and has many years of experience with a young and energetic approach to projects. Great to have some more quality installers on board to expand the presence of Metrapanel further across the country!
  • Please also welcome Codi Singer. Metrapanel's newly appointed Junior Draughtsmen to help keep ahead of demand with panel drawings.

In the field

  • Metrapanel for Social Housing - Fusion Homes secures 12 projects for the Christchurch City Council. Recovering the earthquake damaged homes presents a unique opportunity to make homes better - warmer, drier, healthier and cheaper to run - and better for the environment. 
  • Metrapanel for Hangers - Coresteel Buildings has just completed their sixth Hanger at Ardmore Airport. With three more ordered this shows yet another great way Metrapanel can be used. Coresteel say that by combining the benefits of larger structural sections with their experience in design, engineering and manufacturing, their unique hangar designs allow for vast interior space with no interfering poles or braces - an essential design element for hangars! Read more
  • Metrapanel for Wine Cellars - The Fine Wine Company's 103 wine cellars are complete. Based in Gisbourne and Hamilton, Maxim Construction has recently secured a commercial wine store project with The Wine Company. The project entails building a 400 bottle cellar based in Cook Street, Auckland. Fine Wine Cellars offer a precision temperature/humidity controlled storage environment maintained at 13 Degress Celsius and 75-80% constant humidity. Individual cellars are housed behind several levels of state of the art electronic security allowing owners almost unlimited access to their cherished wine collections. Individual cellar owners also enjoy the private use of superbly equipped lounge facilities in which they can entertain invited quests. Read more
  • Metrapanel for Schools - entire Waterford School completed in 17 weeks. Metrapanel supplied PLB/BuiltSmart with panel for 15 classrooms for the MOE. Metrapanel and PLB/BuiltSmart were the obvious choice due to the timeframes required to complete this job. The project started in October 2012 and was completed in January 2013, ready for students to start the new year. Read more

In the industry

  • Earthquake-related building consents in Canterbury reached a milestone in May 2013, when the value of consents over the 33 months from September 2010 topped $1billion. This comprised $401 million for residential work, including 885 new homes, $617 million for non-residential work, and $30 million worth of non-building construction.
  • Prefab New Zealand held their ‘Productivity Hub’ conference in Wellington on 3rd July, the presentation and paper are worth a look. They summarise the importance of prefabrication / offsite construction as the industry faces the upcoming $80 billion 'wall of work' due to weather tightness remediation, earthquake strengthening, Auckland's housing shortage and Canterbury's rebuild. The research into 'A Systems Approach' by SCION points to the increasing importance of standardisation, BIM, mechanisation, educating clients early in the design process, reducing weather delays and reducing build time.
  • After a visit from the Prime Minister himself, he reiterated the following key points in his speech...
    • There are two reasons for the housing crisis in Auckland - the financial crisis, and first home buyers are weary that they could lose their jobs
    • In Christchurch alone an investment of $45 billion will be put back into Christchurch. This will be invested in all kinds of construction, from hospitals through to residential construction. To put things into prospective 750,000 claims have been made
    • In the next five to ten years there is going to be a housing boom
    • Auckland currently has 4,000 new homes being produced per annum and this needs to increase to 13,000 per year
    • Building affordable homes is not the problem, the problem is finding the land
    • The average land price has increase from $100K to $325K
    • Solutions are to build up in downtown Auckland or have a solution like what Builtsmart has to offer and transport in houses on existing land
    • Housing prices have doubled
    • One issue is unemployment
    • Children are not staying in school because they are not interested in what is being taught, "they don’t want to learn McBeth, they want to learn how to build houses" says Key. The Government is here to support this by offering apprenticeships to the employers - $2,500 for the apprentice and $2,000 for tools

In the product range

  • Total fall prevention. The ICS (Innovative Ceiling System) presented the ICS Edge Protection / Metrapanel Ceiling System…The legislation changed in 2012 for working at heights. Preventing falls from height is a priority for the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and it expects employers and self-employed contractors with staff working at height, to actively manage this significant hazard. Falls from three metres or less off roofs and from ladders account for most of the serious harm accidents reported to the Department from the construction sector. More injuries happen on residential building sites than any other workplace in the construction sector. The Ministry’s 'Preventing Falls from Height' campaign is part of the Construction Sector Action Plan. It aims to reduce harm by raising awareness about the safe use of ladders and safe working on roofs. These 'Preventing Falls from Height' web pages give information about how to work safely at height including best practice guidelines and factsheets. Everyone is responsible for preventing falls on a construction site – the principal, the employer, the self-employed contractor and sub-contractor, and the worker.
  • METRAextrusions. Feedback from the Christchurch earthquake has inspired us to design plasterless joint systems: Wall to wall corner extrusion for 36mm panel, 'H' section wall and ceiling extrusion for 18mm, 25mm and 36mm panel, 'H' section with negative detail for 25mm ceiling panels, Eliminate plaster cracking from further aftershocks.
  • METRAfloors. The 25mm METRAfloors are now BRANZ appraised. For suspended timber floors, either conventional wood-based sheet flooring or 25mm, Metrapanel floorspanels may be used. Read more
  • NZ Foam. "Fusion Homes, an Installer in the Canterbury region has developed 'NZ Foam' after realising the advantages of the Metrapanel system alongside our Eco-friendly Urethane expanding insulation foam - a truly winning combination. Allowing Fusion homes to be the first building company in New Zealand to be awarded the Asthma society‘s ‘Sensitive Choice Accreditation’. This has been largely attributable to the complete air and moisture barrier and high R-Value which can only be achieved with our urethane insulation system. Urethane foam as an insulation has been used extensively around the world for over 60 years and is well known as a superior product over more traditional insulation products. There are many positive attributes to our products, including; no sagging, will not shrink, will bond to most surfaces, completely neutral, no out gassing of any harmful chemicals, will not degrade electrical wiring, has a high level fire rating and due to its gap filling properties urethane foam will give a true and constant thermal R-Value throughout the life of the building. Our aim at NZ Foam Limited is to further the awareness and education to builders, architects and home owners alike; of the warmth and comfort that we can offer, free of the usual draughts, condensation, mould and allergens normally associated with homes using traditional insulation techniques. Alleviating these issues will help minimise many of our modern day illnesses, including asthma and bronchitis. The bottom line is – we can help create a ‘warmer, dryer more comfortable cosy home’." Robert Leach, National Operations Manager, NZ FOAM LIMITED.
  • Palliside Weatherboards – The Smart Choice. With the hunt on to find quicker and more affordable building solutions, Palliside Weatherboards are increasingly being seen as the smart choice. Palliside compliments many of the strengths of the Metra Panel Construction system; being quick to install, safe and easy to use, and very cost effective. An increasing number of builders are benefiting by using Palliside and Metra Panel together. Philip Leather Builders (who have used Palliside for more than 15 years) say that using Palliside saves them around 25% in labour costs alone and being prefinished, scaffolding can come down that much quicker. The nature of Palliside also makes for an ideal solution for transportable and prefabricated construction and in areas where lightweight construction methods are called for. For further information visit palliside.co.nz or call Richard McGechie on 0800 439 639 to find out how Palliside weatherboard can benefit your business.

Next update in January 2014 - Summer issue!

Until then, have a great rest of the year and feel free to give Melissa Savage, Sales Manager, a call direct on 07 828 2077 or email to discuss any projects or opportunities you would like to investigate using Metrapanel for.