A Kiwi product – Metrapanel offers strong, durable interior walls and ceilings with a beautifully smooth surface that easily achieves a Level 5 finish. "The walls are straight, strong and solid. It is very comforting knowing your house is built from more than sticks of pine." - Brendon and Treena Hosken 



30-50% faster construction than traditional methods, 7.35m high by 2.45m wide, 36mm thick with a smooth finish. The high density of Metrapanel (up to 650 kg/m3) means it is highly resistant to wear and tear.

Launched in 2013, ICS Safe Ceiling System.
Launched in 2014, METRAwalls Standard1Sfire-rated - one of the very few wood panel products in NZ with this rating.



- Fully BRANZ appraised
- Lifemark accredited
- STC61 rated
- R6.0 rated
- 8/10 Homestar rated
- 7.5 Star HERS rated
- Fire tested
- Density 640kg/m3
- Design flexibility
- Recyclable product
- Level 5 finish
- New Innovative SIP system



Proven System

  • Uses a moisture resistant construction panel made from engineered wood fibres and flakes. Metrapanel is supplied pre-cut up to 7.35m x 2.45m and is available in three thickness options.
  • There are 36mm for solid core interior walls, 25mm for ceilings and floors, and 18mm for plumbing, electrical cavities and wall linings. The thinner wall system is able to offer the client 6% more floor space, producing their home 40% faster build time than traditional method. Metrapanel homes are well insulated achieving upto a R6 insulation rating compared to standard building code requirements R 2.3 in the North Island and R2.5 in the South Island all achieved at a competitive cost.
  • The Metrapanel construction system may be used to create the interior surface as well as the structural and bracing elements of the building. It offers strong, durable walls and ceiling with a beautifully smooth finish easily achieving a level 5 finish.

Cost effective

  • A Metrapanel building takes less time to complete and therefore costs less - labour charges are lower, the stopping cost is minimal and finance costs are reduced. Also, your quote isn’t padded to allow for bad weather days. Once METRAwalls and METRAceilings are up and the windows are in, weather is not a problem.

Shorter wait till move-in day

  • A home built with Metrapanel goes up quickly and efficiently. For an average sized project, they usually take just one day to position and secure. Once the floor slab is down, in most cases, houses built with our system go up 30-50% faster than traditional construction methods. Weather is not a problem for Licensed Metrapanel Installers. Metrapanel is pre-primed to ensure it stays weather resistant. There’s no time wasted waiting for things to dry. 

More house for your money 

  • METRAwalls take up less space because they have the strength to stand on their own. Our system can add up to 6% more floor area – which could mean an extra room!

Design flexibility

  • Metrapanel is supplied pre-cut up to 7.35m x 2.45m and is available in three thickness options. There are 36mm for solid core interior walls, 25mm for ceilings and wall linings, and 18mm for plumbing, electrical cavities and wall linings.
  • The Metrapanel construction system may be used to create the interior surface as well as the structural and bracing elements of the building. It offers strong durable walls and celings with a beautifully smooth finish.
  • The smooth easily achieved Level 5 finish of Metrapanel needs little special preparation other than normal sanding. You can paint or paper directly onto it. You can also place fittings or hang pictures virtually anywhere with Metrapanel because surfaces are solid from edge to edge. Metrapanel is compatible with all usual cladding systems, masonry, timber, brick or exterior panels.


  • Metrapanel panels are pre-cut to precision with our Computer Aided Design (CAD) system and Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machine.

Durable and impact resistant

  • The perfection of Metrapanel is almost impossible to dent. At 650kg/m3, the density of Metrapanel is significantly higher than that of solid timber. This means it can really take the bumps and bangs of everyday life.

In-built insulation

  • The density of Metrapanel makes it a natural insulator. Our customers tell us Metrapanel offers superior insulation from heat, cold and noise. We also offer specialised fire wall and sound proofing solutions.

Environmentally conscious

  • The Metrapanel construction system uses a moisture resistant construction panel made from engineered wood fibres and flakes, we use waste product from existing manufacturing of timber and therefore don’t need to cut down any new trees to develop Metrapanel. The speed of construction helps lessen the impact on the surroundings. Metrapanel offers a high performance product that keeps our families healthy and warm and the high thermal rating helps to keep Metrapanel homes energy efficient. With no toxic seepages you can sleep well at night knowing your family is safe. The maintenance saving over time due to the durability of the board is just another sustainable factor Metrapanel can help the environment with.

Recyclable product

  • Metrapanel is cut to size with very few off-cuts left over. Off-cuts can be used for shelving, work benches, treads and rises with very minimal wastage on-site. If need be our homes can be unscrewed and re-erected. Some of our clients use ‘h’ section joiners which allows them to be reassembled with no joins.

50 year durability

  • The METRAwall, METRAfloor and METRAceiling systems, when constructed by a Licensed Metrapanel Installer, will meet the provisions of the New Zealand Build Code (B2.3.1(A)) of 50 years durability.


  • ​The Metrapanel system including the panel manufacture process, the precept factory operation and the Metra Design and Construction Manual has been fully appraised by the Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ).
  • Metrapanel is a founding member of PrefabNZ and is focused on growing the positive perception of prefabrication in NZ significantly which is important in meeting the demand of today’s market.
  • Our membership with Lifemark reinforces the pride we have in knowing Metrapanel is the best choice for homes that need to stand the test of time.
  • Being aligned with NZGBC enforces our focus on providing an environmentally sustainable system to produce healthy homes for living.
  • Metrapanel was a finalist in the Safeguard New Zealand Workplace Health and Safety Awards 2014.
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