On Wednesday 9th July, Metrapanel had the pleasure in meeting Labour party members; David Cunliffe, Simon Cunliffe, Moeroa Devonshire, Sue Moroney, Janine Jackson, Christine Greer, and Cliff Allen.

During their visit, Labour emphasized their focus on supporting community growth. David believes that supporting young people through the transition period from school in to the work force is the way forward. For this to happen, Labour feels that time needs to be invested in to getting kids “work ready” by providing pre-employment programmes that offer pathways to the industry or apprenticeships to senior secondary and tertiary students. David Cunliffe said that “ in an ideal world, everyone would either be employed or in training”….”for us to get there, we need to prepare our youth for employment and that should begin at school.” He wants to subsidize employers to take on apprentices rather than pay people to stay at home on the dole. He also spoke about raising the minimum wage.

Other points of interest discussed:

•Building consent standardisation
•Making Kiwisaver compulsory at 3-4%
•Pre-employment apprenticehips being paid for by the government.
•Money rebate for R & D rebate on tax
•Labour would like to see 100,000 new homes built, 10,000 per year over the next ten years with the Kiwi Build scheme.