Issue #4: Spring 2014

Welcome to the Spring issue of the Metrapanel Newspanel. '25 years proven' offering more house and a stronger house for your money Metrapanel has a nationwide network of Certified Installers experienced with innovative projects of all sizes.
Highlights from the last quarter:
• Metrapanel 2014 growth in sales up 30%
• KBuilt exhibiting at the Waikato Home Show
• ICS a finalist in the 2014 Site Safe Awards for the second year running
• Sponsoring the Annual NZPIF Conference in Christchurch
• Exhibiting Metrapanel at the E Tu Waikato Inspire, Engage Event
• Metrapanel factory gets a makeover

In the media

Kiwi women talking tough in the Mid-Market; Melissa Savage and two other New Zealand business women talk on being a female in traditional male industries...Read more

ICS Finalist for the 'Site Safe Construction Health and Safety Awards'; Site Safe NZ Inc is pleased to announce the finalists for the 2014 Construction Health and Safety Awards. These awards help to improve health and safety in the construction industry by promoting...Read more

Paul and Sue exhibit at the Waikato Home Show

All it needs is a location; Tradeline Show Home on the front cover of Property Plus

In the office

Metrapanel's valued Strategic Partners

Metrapanel has a strong focus on establishing and developing solid working relationships with Strategic Partners and has been involved with Palliside this quarter launching our new MetraInEx product at the NZPIF Conference.

As our number one core value it is Metrapanel's mission to consistently achieve a safe and efficient working environment for our workers and installers. Metrapanel has been working with Safewise for four years both internally in our Metrapanel factory and externally on site with installers with a safety programme specifically designed for the Metrapanel System to keep our team safe. This year we were a finalist in the Safeguard New Zealand Workplace Health and Safety Awards which is a reflection of the success of this programme.

Metrapanel sales up 30% for the year 2014
Metrapanel has consistently continued to grow in a time of recession with small growth increments made each year since 2007. This year we have had a 30% increase in sales due to the increased awareness of the Metrapanel ceiling product, the increase in Retirement Village Projects, and Social Housing Opportunities. Moving forward, we will continue to align ourselves with reputable partners with a main focus on supporting our installers to help grow their businesses to their full potential. We value our team and attribute our success to them.

Implementing Lean Principles
With the increased growth in 2014, Metrapanel looks to continually improve its’ processes. In 2015 a Metra focus is to revisit areas with the Lean Principles by bringing in an expert in the field, adding another strategic partner to our team; Ian Lines from Lean Group NZ.

Metrapanel Installer Focus Group 2014
The 2014 Metrapanel Installer focus group held in Christchurch in October has given us an insight into how we can create further opportunities and continue to work together collaboratively with our installers and strategic partners to produce volume quality product to meet the current New Zealand demand.

Metrapanel website updates
Over the past three months we have been busy working on some changes and  new additions to the Metrapanel website which includes a mini news section, a testimonials section, and an awards page.

Metrapanel factory makeover
The Metra factory is currently having a makeover with the exterior of the factory being painted and rebranded. Here is a concept of what the final product will be:

Metrapanel on LinkedIn
To connect with Metrapanel on LinkedIn and get the latest Metrapanel news, click here.

In the field

Metrapanel for residential - Raglan project

A hybrid design two storey home built in Raglan, with the ground floor block, timber top floor Metrapanel with raking walls and ceilings with outstanding results. The collaboration of product and Metrapanel Installer companies offer many benefits to clients such as speed of construction and durability that can withstand the ever changing family environment.


Metrapanel for basement fitouts - Ranfurly Village
Robert Cunningham from Cunningham Construction contracted Metrapanel to supply 36mm panel for a basement fitout for storage lockers on a retirement village complex located on Mt Albert Road, Auckland.

The panel was chosen for its space saving, speed, security, and durability. The project was completed by Eru Cameron from On 2 It Builders.

Metrapanel for Retirement - Althorp Village
Constructed in Metrapanel, Althorp Village is privately owned. The premier residential village for seniors, Pyes Pa, Tauranga. Althorp Private Hospital is adjacent.

High quality accommodation will include up to 266 Metrapanel villas and serviced apartments of one and two bedroom units.

Althorp Private Hospital and Lifecare units is situated in Tauranga. This purpose designed hospital delivers a sophisticated level  of healthcare. Solely constructed from Metrapanel, the wings were built in four stages.

This is an ongoing development with the last two units to be constructed in 2015.

"In 2000 we built Althorp Private Hospital using Metrapanel and have continued to build to date over 100 homes within the village using Metrapanel. It is a fast and easy form of construction.

Our residents often comment on how warm the houses are in the winter and cool in the summer

The ability to put shelves, picture hooks etc anywhere without worrying about studs is also a great feature of Metra.

The walls have an excellent smooth internal finish and because the walls are 36mm thick – it is very difficult to sustain damage and therefore the repair and maintenance of everyday use is minimal.

We continue to use Metra for the above reasons and also because of the positive comments we get from all our residents."
- Claire Neshat, Manager, Althorp Village

In the community

Patrick's Xmas Carnival, 21 December 2014

Patrick Roberts is four years old and has been diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer - Rhabdomyosarcoma. Patrick's family would like to make the next year as little about needles, plasters and sickness as possible and as much about fun and adventures that all 4 year old boys want to be a part of.

To help make this possible, 'Patrick's Xmas Carnival' is being held in Huntly on December 21 from 4pm where you can join 'Friends of Patrick' for a Family Fun Carnival. Click here for more details.

As part of Patrick's Xmas Carnival, there will be an auction which is supported by the Metrapanel team who are auctioning off a Metrapanel playhouse with all proceeds going to the 'Friends of Patrick' fund. To place a bid you can either contact the Metra team on (07) 828 2077, or come along to Patricks Xmas Carnival and bid on the day. We will also be listing the auction on Trademe.

Metrapanel helps a local elderly couple build a home on a tight budget with zero waste
Jimmy and Lorraine chose to downsize their home, gifting their main home to their son. Metrapanel draftman Codi Singer completed basic drawings for the couple in his own time and Andrew and Melissa guided Jimmy and Lorraine through the process of building their new home. "Jimmy and Lorraine are a long standing community couple that have supported local industry over a number of years, it was nice to be able to support a couple that has been so supportive of the community for such a long time." - Melissa Savage, Business Manager.

Jim is very proud of his new garage where every last offcut of Metrapanel was used to build a work bench and a storage unit that includes a secure gun cabinet and computer knock.

His wife Lorraine couldn't be happier with her designer Metrapanel entertainment unit - also made from offcuts.

"To Melissa and Andrew, Metrapanel, Huntly. We would like to thank you both, and everybody at Metrapanel for your help when we built our new home. We have found your company friendly and very responsive in meeting any request we had, and meeting our deadlines. We have found your product both affordable and very versatile and would have no hesitation in recommending Metrapanel to anyone. Thank you." - Jim and Lorraine Yates

E Tu Waikato Inspire & Engage Expo
On the 29th October we had the opportunity to be involved in the E Tu Waikato Inspire and Engage Expo held in Hampton Downs.  The event showcased the Waikato as a prime location for business, being in the heart of New Zealand with the resources, skills, transport links and infrastructure along with strong business and industry support. The event was MC’d by Pio Terei with other high profile inspirational speakers such as RT Hon Dame Jenny Shipley, Managing Director of the Hampton Downs Group Tony Robert, and Waikato District Council Economic Development Manager, Clive Morgan to name a few.

In the industry

Metrapanel is 25 years proven, producing over 9,000 homes. We have a nationwide network of Certified Installers experienced with innovative projects of all sizes.

With further capacity to take on extended growth throughout New Zealand we are currently looking for reputable companies that produce 20+ homes, have good systems and processes in place, and are respected in the industry.

Focus areas are Auckland and Wellington. For expressions of interest please contact Melissa Savage Business Manager

- Infrastructure report: A place to call home;Community associations are to play a more substantial role in social housing. The Government's long-term goal is to erode the existing dominance of Housing NZ's role in the provision of social housing by creating a competitive marketplace for social housing provision. Read more

  • EVENTS coming up:


- PrefabNZ Cluster Event; Auckland, 3 December 2014

- Whangarei Summer Show: Whangarei, 5-7 December 2014

- Masterclass: Developing Communities - more than Green Buildings: Nationwide, various dates in December

In the product range

What is MetraInEx?
A collaboration of two superior products - Metrapanel internal walls and Palliside exterior cladding "a solution that stands the test of time inside and out."

Metrapanel and Palliside are two long standing, BRANZ Appraised, Lifemark/Homestar Approved, New Zealand made, prefab products that have combined to offer a superior solution that provides:

  • A complete interior/exterior system
  • Speed of build
  • Cost savings
  • Durability that lasts
  • Proven performance
  • Reduced maintenance
  • 50 year guarantee

What is the Metrapanel System? Why is it a better solution?

  • Solid interior walls, floors and ceiling panels with a level 5 finish
  • Structural and bracing elements of the building
  • Achieves 6% more floor space (size of an office or ensuite)
  • 40% faster build time than traditional methods
  • R6 insulation rating, firewall and sound-proofing solutions
  • Impossible to dent with 650kg/m3 density
  • Significant maintenance savings over time due to durability
  • 25 years proven, 50 year durability guarantee

What is Palliside? Why is it a better solution?

  • Low maintenance, pre-finished weatherboard system
  • Full range of colours available, never needs painting
  • Saves time and money through quicker installation
  • Less epensive than painted timber, high-end fibre cement weatherboards and cedar
  • Independently tested, ideal for demanding coastal environments
  • Manufactured from 100% recyclable material
  • 25 year guarantee

Contact a Certified Installer to find out more...

View Presentation
MetraInEx flyer

In the team

Metrapanel working together collaboartively as a TEAM to secure opportunities in providing New Zealanders with healthy homes.
Click here to view Metrapanel Certified Installer Profiles and Show Home locations.

Metra Show Home on Display

This year Tradeline Builders and Marine will be involved in the Whangarei Summer Show from December 5-7 with a Metra show home on display. Come and view!

Metra girls shopping tour
Celebrating the end of year in style, the Metra girls enjoyed a girls day out shopping chauffeured via limousine around Auckland.

Next update in March 2015 - Autumn issue!

"From our family to yours, we wish you a very merry Christmas and safe holidays."
From Melissa, Andrew, & the Metra Team.