Out of the ruins and rubble of Canterbury a new city will rise.
A city that can stand for all that is great about New Zealand, Pacific design and Kiwi ingenuity.

A place people feel safe, secure and proud to call home. 

Christchurch can be a showpiece for design, construction and Kiwi engineering expertise.

We have an unprecedented opportunity to leave a legacy that will stand for generations and a responsibility to build not only a city but a future our grand-children’s grand-children can be proud to call Kiwi.

Napier suffered a similar fate in the 1920s, and now stands as a tribute to Art Deco that attracts architectural connoisseurs from around the world.

Christchurch can be a similar icon of excellence, prosperity and buoyancy.

We have an opportunity to build a tribute not only to the fallen, but to the future we’ve paid such a high toll for.

We can build a city that honors our history while exploring, inventing and embracing everything great about this nation and the potential of our people.

Grant Laing, Managing Director of Laing Homes, sees the potential of quality transportable prefab homes as the answer to many disenfranchised property owners woes. 

Laing Homes has been part of a family operated relocation company since 1987.

“We have basically built a prototype high-end transportable prefab house. We decided to design that about 18 months ago. David Hill of Wilson Hill Architects has come up with a truly unique and innovative design using high quality materials made here in New Zealand including Metrapanel ceilings and walls,” says Grant.

“We’d already been working on an architecturally designed home for the last couple of years. Our resolve to push on with a quality transportable prefab home was strengthened after the earthquakes. One of the fundamental points of difference of our design is you can grow the home. It comes as a primary model that showcases what you can achieve with a prefab property. It is a growing concept meaning you can add to it. Whilst it won’t suit everyone’s price range we can adapt other designs to suit a budget. We have a whole range of homes in styles and pricing levels that utilise the strength and resilience of Metra Panel to speed up construction time.” 

“The Smart House on display at the Hive Innovation Park is a hybrid construction using Metra Panel walls and ceilings.”

“We’ve tried to show what you can achieve with very good architecture and prefab techniques.”

“Christchurch has suffered significant liquefaction as a result of 18 months of after shocks and quakes or seismic activity. Many areas now require special foundations and some areas are only suitable for light weight timber floors and driven piles. Lightweight transportable homes can be re-leveled quite easily. The other major attraction to Laing houses is they can be built off site allowing the damaged home to be brought off site and replaced quite quickly. “

“We’ve created a truly unique transportable pre-fab home with a 2.7metre stud height. That’s a really tall floor to ceiling height. Doing that often means you have to compromise transportability, but we haven’t.”

“David designed a very clever roof pitch. We avoided the temptation of a flat roof or mono-pitch roof. And we avoided temptation to have internal gutters. A maximum ceiling height without compromising transportability allows for full length windows. A high stud and floor to ceiling windows offers an illusion of additional space. Smaller stud heights often feel more restrictive.”

“Using Kiwi made Metra Panel gives our design additional strength and bracing without compromising quality.”

“I think that given the Canterbury rebuild and the uncertainty of land types and Geo-technical problems, structures like Laing Transportable homes are going to have to be considered.”

“This is a home that allows people to create a high end home and protect that investment with the foundation designs we can build into it.”

“We’re going back to building systems that have been tried and tested for years and added to with very good design.”

“Basically we make homes more robust and able to handle seismic activity,” concludes Grant. 

Mark Tutty, Commercial Project Manager for Falcon Construction, says they are also using Metra Panel in their commercial and residential buildings due to the speed of construction pre-cut walls, panels and ceilings provide as well as the superior finish of the larger than average panels.

“Basically it is the speed and durability of Metra Panel that makes it the building product of choice for Falcon,” says Mark.

Metra Panel requires little, if any, stopping and the strength of the Metra Panel/concrete wall system is ideal for Canterbury, especially with all the after shocks.

“We re-visit all our buildings after major shocks and not one of them has required any remediation,” says Mark.

Falcon Construction is an innovative building company with independent intellectual property no other construction company can offer.

“We use Metra Panel because of the speed of construction and durability of the product,” says Mark.

Metra Panels are pre-cut to design in the family owned and operated Huntly factory and trucked to site where they are assembled like Lego for grown ups.

Falcon Construction were one of the principle sponsors of the giveaway Hayes family home built for a Canterbury family in need.

At the opening ceremony Government ministers were impressed by the quality of the CUBE home with a myriad of opportunity for government projects.

Using Metra Panel reduces construction time and people can move into their property in less than 20 days from signing a Falcon Construction contract.

“The beauty of Falcon’s Cube buildings is that they are designed to be fully de-constructed so they can be moved quite easily if the desire arises to relocate,” says Mark.

“We recently built a 228m2 building for Anstice Opticians in just 29 days.”

The Christchurch quakes took a devastating toll on our city but along with this devastation comes opportunity. The opportunity to start from scratch building a modern safe city.

“Where else do you have an opportunity to build an entire city?”

Why wouldn’t you use the best products available?

Concrete is used extensively throughout Falcon designs.

The thermal qualities of concrete are ideal for Canterbury’s hot summers and frosty winters.

Polished concrete floors are a feature of Falcon’s Rakaia show home at the Hive, yet Mark says the under floor heating may never be needed.

Concrete absorbs heat during the day and releases it at night.

But that’s not just the floors.

The Metra Panel/concrete walls will have the same effect all year around.